I don’t have nothing to hide

Why should I protect me ? I’ve nothing to hide..

Our data are an extension of ourfelf. To have nothing to hide means to be able to publish everything of our life: professional, familial, personal, sentimental, sexual. Do you agree with that ? Do you really have nothing to hide ?

Crossing our data, the big companies and governmental agencies can know about us, our friends and family more than we are thinking.

Even if you have nothing to hide (which is probably wrong), your correspondents, friends and family, may not have the same opinion about digital privacy or may have something to hide, professional or personal. Using Internet without any protection, you put in danger your privacy, but also their privacy.

One piece of data, independently, could not be very sensitive. But a big set of data from different channels can be more dangerous (example if you are doing some search about cancer before subscribing a health insurance).

I’ve nothing to hide, what about my children?

Publishing children photos on social networks isn’t without any consequence. Perhaps you don’t want to protect your personal data, but what about your children? Do they agree or will they agree with these publications? Are you sur that nobody could use it to damage your children or you family? Did you read the social network terms of service? After publishing, are your photos still yours?

For these reasons, please reconsider the few minutes which will allow you to protect your privacy while surfing on Internet. Search for alternative tools allowing to use Internet with more security and in an anonymous way.

Internet is an amazing tool, it would be bad if it turns against us.

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